Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have such respect for Ralph lauren!

I was so impressed with Ralph Lauren on the Oprah show, he lives a very private life with his family, he was so personable and you can see what love he has for his wife and his 3 children, they have been married 40 something years, and Oprah asked what he does in between projects and what he does when he thinks about his life and work and he said "pray" I just was amazed at their life style and at how wonderful they talked about each other and such a close knit family!
I thought the name of his ranch is so cool, "Double L" for Ralph & Ricki (his wife)

He gave Oprah a ride around his ranch on this vintage jeep, loved it ;)

check this out, he has hand painted Teepee's, and they are so cool inside! (these pictures in this collage are pictures inside the tent)

this is one of the childrens teepee's (inside of it)

This is Ralph & his wife, and his kids...

such a family man! (his daughter is marrying George Bush (Sr.) grandson, nephew of George W....and her dad is making her dress, so cool!

his daughter Dylan, she's so beautiful, she owns a candy store...

more family can just see the love!

they have been married 40 something years, so cool, God bless them!

Ralph at work, and one of the rooms in his house where Oprah stayed, all decorated with his stuff ;)

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