Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thoughts for the day~

Good afternoon, hmmm, just glanced at the clock, 5:18 already, I guess I should say G'evening, wow where did the day go?! Here it is Sunday February 6th, it ends up being a lazy day for me, I came home from church, made lunch for Monica and william & I (my hubbs and Jestin are off to hockey, he scored a goal this morning, yay! I didn't go because I lead worship at my church) then I promptly changed into sweats to hang out in, comfy, comfy! I took a few pictures of a few things I'm working on, fun stuff! The sun is setting as I look out the window, it reminds me of the song, The day is dying in the west, which now makes my heart sad and tears come as i type, as the song reminds me of my dear momma bear that went to be with Jesus this past summer, oh how I miss her! Thank You Lord forYour sweet comfort...

A sneak peek at a couple of things at I've been working on...

Day is dying in the West...

Day is dying in the west; Heav'n is touching earth with rest;
Wait and worship while the night,Sets the evening lamps alight
Thru all the sky.
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts! Heav'n and earth are full of Thee!
Heav'n and earth are praising Thee, O Lord most high!

Lord of life, beneath the dome, Of the universe, Thy home,
Gather us who seek Thy face, To the fold of Thy embrace,
For Thou art nigh.

While the deepening shadows fall, Heart of love enfolding all,
Thru the glory and the grace, Of the stars that veil Thy face,
Our hearts ascend.

When forever from our sight, Pass the stars, the day, the night,
Lord of angels, on our eyes, Let eternal morning rise
And shadows end.

In precious memories of my mom, she is with the angels, her shadows are ended
and her Eternal morning has risen!

The tree's were so pretty today shimmering with God's beauty