Saturday, April 9, 2011

All about em'

so pretty!
Love these rooms (with the lights ;)

sconces & chandeliers

Pendants, there are so many cool ones!

I especially love this ceiling light, but so love the other ones too....

 shabby ceiling lights, more kind of modern/oldish looking pendants

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my main room has the beautiful tulips~

Every room needs a touch of red!

Every room needs a lil red, check these rooms out, so pretty, love the shabbiness! It could be a touch of red with an oven, nicknacks, a blanket, or floor, a rug, chairs a pillow, a painting, a wall, flowers, a lamp, or just toss a basket or bag on the floor next to it, or maybe even a pair of red rubber boots, a phone, books, a ceiling fixture, it goes on & on....Ya just gotta be creative! (love touches of red) Scroll down and check out the fun rooms...

What touches of red do you have in your room?
Love the walls! (weird IDK why this picture looks like it was a fish eye lens it didn't look like that be4)

so shabby!
a wall hanging, or a bag tossed on the floor

An oven, nick nacks or red door ...


A touch of red w/ flowers or a red object on a shelf...

or some red pillows or chairs, or  blanket

would love to get my hands on this, would be fun to redo it!

cute shabby kitchen...

Love this kitchen, every room need a little red ;)