Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here are some "after" pictures, (sorry they didn't turn out very good) I know I took some better ones but for some reason I can't find them:( I will post some more (better:) pictures soon, sorry I am taking so long, I am playing the role of mom and "dad" Nathan's been working away for many weeks now, and between hockey and all the chaos of life haven't had a chance to get these on, but here are a few!

My brother and sister in law helping, and (bottom left) Diana, my sister in laws sister ;) Thank you girls, so appreciated the help!
the room is a pretty creamy color but it does not go with the bathroom color or my bedding so I'm going to change it
The master bath was supposed to be a
 light white/creamish color but I got it all done and realized I painted the wrong color, but I like it, so I'm gonna change the master bedroom color to coordinate..
we tore up the carpet and put new, I ended up doing a winter white through out most of the upstairs, the house we previously rented was yellow and green and I'm tired of color! SORRY, these pictures aren't the greatest but will post better ones ASAP 

I love the change! (The kitchen is the same french blue)

The bath room was dark brown, and the misc. room was a metalic silvery metal color, opened it up and made it more bright and airy.

After a lil TLC