Saturday, October 20, 2012

My latest project was this desk, it ended up being a job!

The hutch that goes with the desk

the paint stripper I used

first remove all hardware

(the hardware)

Then generously add the paint stripper with a brush

make sure you wear gloves because this stuff is strong!
brush it in and wait 1/2 hour, if the paints not loose add more or wait longer if you put it on generously

its starts to bubble...

I put paper down under the legs

when its ready it should just scrape off like this

Then I sprayed it with gray primer (which I found out after the fact  wouldn't have had to prime it) 

The milk paint I used

the color was "grain sack"

you add water to the powder and stir 3-5 minutes 

In this picture the paint was too thin I had to add more powder (if I use milk pain again, it will be on something not so big and challenging!) was hard to get used to the consistency of the paint, and I had to keep stirring it...

was challenging, because its a very different paint!

I love the color...

the finished product (with 2 coats of paint)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Planter out of a can, terrariums, a few vintage finds

I made a planter out of a large tomato sauce can

needed some greens in my living room

I love Terrariums, finally made one!
Use soil that will stay moistened
 add stones for drainage and a few for looks
plant your favorite indoor plants 

some of my vintage finds :)

a burlap covered jar

My latest project, I painted my kitchen table...

I discovered this paint awhile ago and finally went and got some to try

I decided to not do real white so I went with the  "old white"

you can see a before and after, but the after has only one coat in this picture


the lighting isn't so good in this picture , but this is with the wax on it before I buffed it.

this is when its done, turned out pretty good now I just have to do my chairs but I think Im going to do them a different color :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Homemade pizza..yum!

I used to make my own pizza crust until I discovered this dough,  you would not know its from a package its good!

If you have a pizza stone, preheat oven to 500 degrees and pizza takes 10 minutes

Buffalo chicken pizza, cube chicken and cook it, put it in a container and add Louisiana hot sauce and shake it so its mixed up. spread BBQ sauce (I use Sweet baby Ray's) on the dough evenly, add cheese, chopped red onion, celery then the chicken, bake. top with blue cheese dressing or ranch.

Yum! (one of my faves:)

I like this Blue cheese the best.