Thursday, March 8, 2012

I love the pillows and decor in this room

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: alter your own curtains, I took my expensive curtains from Restoration Hardware apart and resewed the seam

I made it wider because I could hardly move my curtains on the rod. I bought the curtain & the rod from RH, it was supposed to fit, I loved the rod and it was spendy so I figured rather then try to find a new one, Ill just sew them, I was leery because I am NOT a seamstress, but needless to say it was easier then I thought it would be and I was happy with the result! :D

Sorry about the not so great pictures (for some weird reason my camera showed a little bit of lavender in them:( I just used my phone because I didn't have my camera right then and I was trying to get them done.

* First off measure and mark how much wider you want the seam
Then fold it over and iron along the marks ( I didn't pin it, but if your worried about it not being straight pin it)

Sew along your marks

I made them an inch wider, you can see by the seam and rod how tight they were before.
after you can only see the 2 seams up close
can close them (yay) Then iron or steam them, I did but for some reason you sure can't tell!! Taffeta is so hard to get the wrinkles out, I tried both, ironing & steaming...any tips?!
Ta da!
you cant even tell unless your looking real close to the curtain.

So happy now I can open & close them easily!