Saturday, October 20, 2012

My latest project was this desk, it ended up being a job!

The hutch that goes with the desk

the paint stripper I used

first remove all hardware

(the hardware)

Then generously add the paint stripper with a brush

make sure you wear gloves because this stuff is strong!
brush it in and wait 1/2 hour, if the paints not loose add more or wait longer if you put it on generously

its starts to bubble...

I put paper down under the legs

when its ready it should just scrape off like this

Then I sprayed it with gray primer (which I found out after the fact  wouldn't have had to prime it) 

The milk paint I used

the color was "grain sack"

you add water to the powder and stir 3-5 minutes 

In this picture the paint was too thin I had to add more powder (if I use milk pain again, it will be on something not so big and challenging!) was hard to get used to the consistency of the paint, and I had to keep stirring it...

was challenging, because its a very different paint!

I love the color...

the finished product (with 2 coats of paint)