Friday, August 9, 2013

Finally, getting a chance to update my blog, a lot has happened since I last came on...

 2 trips to Germany this year, 2 months apart!  went to visit my uncle in the hospital in may, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and most people don't live long once diagnosed... so glad we went because he passed away July 1, so my sister and I went back for his funeral .

Luftansa was an awesome airline, very comfortable, and  was so nice to have a nonstop flight from Boston to Frankfurt!

Trier Germany 
The old churches are beautiful

a cute cafe in Trier
all the bikes had flowers on them
a beautiful view

a couple swans swam by as we were walking

a typical German style house

was funny to see McDonalds mustard and ketchup in the grocery store

"schnitzel" and "bratwurst" every where you go

Germany has the best coffee!

lol got a chuckle out of some of their signs

loved this house across the street from my cousins, a German cottage!
McDonalds had graffiti on the wall for decor

the rose bush in my uncles yard
the grave is extra deep, my aunt, cousin and uncle are all buried here one above the other and my uncle beside 

A tribute to my uncle John for his many years of serving our country, was so touching!

The grave yards in Germany are beautiful and so well kept!
we let off a hot air lantern in memory of John on his birthday. RIP uncle John, I miss you!

John & I a few year ago when I went to visit him in Germany

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My latest find..this cool door off an old shabby hutch~

My hubby hung it on the wall for me and I added some of my mom and dads old family photos

so shabby

check out the old farm basket light I found at a local antique store...

Love the picture of my dad and my aunt as kids on their has some knobs on the side (well bottom bc I have it tipped on its side) I want to hang something on them.
(More pics to come:)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gone with the old, in with the kitchen table broke :( My new Kitchen table, so happy, I love it!

uh-oh! time to get a new table, after all the work of redoing it, one of my kids jumped on it and it cracked.She was a good table, had her for 17 years, a lot of memories and entertaining. is my new one, Im so happy!

                                                            Love the shabbiness!
and the bench......

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blessings to you and yours for a happy healthy and a prosperous new year!

Some of my decor and favorite things this Christmas....

Some of the fun little Christmas trees I made to display, some I sold at a Bazaar and some I made for friends, and my Christmas cards on display on my galvanized tile blocks, and I have a magnetic chalk board on my wall that I hung so e more on there bc I ran out of room and more on my frig, then I took twine and glitter clothes pins and hung some above my island...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December stuff (a little late)

this was on my front porch :)

I had a weird conglomeration of ornaments and colors going on but when I put them all together I liked the outcome ;)

25 Roses 1 for each of the years we've been married...

Thanking the Lord for blessing me with my husband Nathan of 25 years, it has not always been perfect but the Lord has helped us through the ups and downs, and blessed us with our 4 beautiful healthy kids now growing and grown, the years go by so fast! Am thankful that we do so much together and he spoils me rotten and I love that we enjoy a lot of the same stuff...25 years of beautiful wedded bliss, he has been my boyfriend, my love, my helper, my comforter, my strength but most of all my best friend!