Friday, August 9, 2013

Finally, getting a chance to update my blog, a lot has happened since I last came on...

 2 trips to Germany this year, 2 months apart!  went to visit my uncle in the hospital in may, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and most people don't live long once diagnosed... so glad we went because he passed away July 1, so my sister and I went back for his funeral .

Luftansa was an awesome airline, very comfortable, and  was so nice to have a nonstop flight from Boston to Frankfurt!

Trier Germany 
The old churches are beautiful

a cute cafe in Trier
all the bikes had flowers on them
a beautiful view

a couple swans swam by as we were walking

a typical German style house

was funny to see McDonalds mustard and ketchup in the grocery store

"schnitzel" and "bratwurst" every where you go

Germany has the best coffee!

lol got a chuckle out of some of their signs

loved this house across the street from my cousins, a German cottage!
McDonalds had graffiti on the wall for decor

the rose bush in my uncles yard
the grave is extra deep, my aunt, cousin and uncle are all buried here one above the other and my uncle beside 

A tribute to my uncle John for his many years of serving our country, was so touching!

The grave yards in Germany are beautiful and so well kept!
we let off a hot air lantern in memory of John on his birthday. RIP uncle John, I miss you!

John & I a few year ago when I went to visit him in Germany

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