How to make a blog button

I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging. I opened my blog last summer but didn't really start using it until Dec/Jan Because of a death in my family and so much going on. I have been googling this and that and the other thing trying to figure this blog stuff out. it's been fun, but lotsa hours have slipped by, I would like to help you save some time....First you need to create your own photo that you want to use for your blog button, I created mine on Picnik (you can use photoshop or whatever you use for editing your pics) now you can upload it to Photobucket or Picasa (or again whatever site you use to upload your pics) now you can copy & paste Kimberly's link to follow the 2 steps to create your HTML blog button.
(I created my own using instructions on a fairly easy site, unfortunately I didn't bookmark it :P so when I wanted to create a button for my cousin I searched again and came across this site which was just as easy.) Just 2 simple steps...

copy & paste her link below into your google bar;

Have fun creating & good luck ;)

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