Monday, January 24, 2011

Las Vegas January 2011

vintage phones all over the Hotel

These were in the Buffet at our Hotel, and yes they were fake, but beautiful!

so colorful

I loved this red chandelier

Where that blue spot is on the top someone came down on a cable!

my sister in law & I pose w/ Elvis & David Bowie, Im not sure what was up w/ the silver ball..?!

I loved the carpet, this was the hall to our room

I thought the elevator in our Hotel was so cool

loved the concrete show, the silvery color of floor, and the rustic concrete sink

This is a table that I had a t a craft fair in December, below are some of the items I sold there.

some coasters I decorated & I made a few cookies in a jar, they make great gifts ;)

These were some of my faves